A Website Is an Island Unless You Drive Traffic to It

Building a website does not mean that you are reaching your target audience upon launch.  It takes approximately 3-6 months before google will even start scanning your website. Start by playing the google game, making your website SEO friendly means a set rules to follow.

But it doesn’t stop at google, organic traffic is generated through constant new content and a dynamically changing website. Using other sources (social media, newsletters, PR) to drive every member of your audience to your website for more information is necessary.

The last resort is paid advertising listings through google, if organic traffic is generated properly you should never have to pay for a google ad. Your dollars are better spent on sponsored content, social media and using your current audience to drive traffic.

Other tips to be mentioned include yelp reviews, proper location listings, general website formatting and much more.



Kate Cardinali

Owner Innovative Media Design