Michael Faul


Michael Faul is the owner and head brewer/wine maker of Rabbit’s Foot Meadery, the largest commercial producer of mead and mead variants in the United States of America. Founded in 1995, the company now has over 20 years of commercial experience and produces the oldest commercially available, barrel aged mead in the country.

He has been a speaker at UC Davis, the first of its kind mead makers course at the Robert Mondavi Wine Institute. He is the author of “A guide to mead” a free publication on how to make mead which has been available on the internet since 1991.

Faul has received many accolades and awards for his mead and has been called ‘The dean of the mead business.’

An innovator, Faul is considered to be one of the creators of the modern mead movement and first to market with commercially viable versions of lower alcohol session style meads including ‘cyser’ and ‘braggots’ via his Red Branch Cider Company and Red Branch Brewing Company brands.

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