The Business of Craft Beverage

May 18–20 | Oakland, CA

In The Spotlight

In-Planning Workshop on May 20, 2016

The full day, hands-on discussions focus on beer, wine, spirits, cider, and mead producers. We will walk you through how to make the “big decision” to move forward with your plans, the legal considerations, marketing and distribution issues, and preparation for future growth.

Hear from previous In-Planning Workshop participants:

“It was great to meet people in the same situation, some people much farther along, and I got some really good education from the workshop, especially for branding.” – Trevor, Sonoma County Brewpub

“The workshop really covered everything and I even learned some things that I didn’t already know after my many years in the industry! This workshop is the best use of time and money for anyone considering launching a craft beverage business. I will make it a ‘must attend’ for any of my new clients.”  Heather, HRF Planning Services

Where Craft Solutions and Cool Tech Collide

You’re in the business of making craft beverages. You know what tastes great and you know how to produce it. But being successful in this burgeoning industry is about much more than just production. You’ve mastered that element—now it’s time to get your product into consumer’s hands as efficiently as possible.

This year’s CBExpo hall is all about giving you more access, opportunities and resources to do just that …


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