November 6-8, 2017 | Portland, OR

In The Spotlight

2017 Keynote Sneak Peek

Christian McMahan, managing partner of Smartfish Group will present the Marketing Keynote address at Craft Beverage Expo 2017: How small craft beverage brands can take lessons from bigger beverage brands.

According to Christian, strategic marketing is one of the most important elements of success for a boutique beverage business like yours: “A lot of the brands that come to CBExpo are smaller and higher quality, and marketing is really what’s going to take these companies to the next level. It really makes a difference.”

At this year’s conference, was able to film a teaser interview with Christian:

1000 craft beverage producers
100 exhibitors
The Elements of Craft
20+ educational sessions
70+ presenters

Where Craft Solutions and Cool Tech Collide

You’re in the business of making craft beverages. You know what tastes great and you know how to produce it. But being successful in this burgeoning industry is about much more than just production. You’ve mastered that element—now it’s time to get your product into consumer’s hands as efficiently as possible.

This year’s CBExpo hall is all about giving you more access, opportunities and resources to do just that …


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