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“You ask, we create.” With 77 years of experience, ATAGO® brings together the craft beverage industry trust in arguably the world’s best refractometers since 1940. A company built on the foundation of trust and customer satisfaction, ATAGO® is constantly evolving and improving based on customer feedback. We strive to add new features and innovations to our instruments that enhances the ease of daily operation for all. With a wide range of products including refractometers, polarimeters, viscosity meters and non-destructive brix meters, ATAGO® proudly serves many industries including craft beverage, for highly accurate and precise quality control. With our headquarter located in Tokyo, Japan with branch offices and service centers serving 154 countries, ATAGO® is committed to providing the highest quality service for all of our customers, anywhere in the world!


In 2017, ATAGO® introduced the world’s first all-in-one portable CO2 meter, the CooRe, which measures CO2 concentration, pressure, brix, and temperature. The CooRe is a perfect addition to your beverage company, and it liberates intense labor work of manual shaking! This instrument can easily pierce through any cans and bottles. It only takes one minute to measure and can be either battery operated or plug-in operated. You now have the option to decide how to power it on, depending on where you are! There is no other CO2 meter in the world that can measure CO2 and brix in one unit that can be taken anywhere.  With this unit, you can take consistent measurement results regardless of who is measuring; all it takes is one to press a button! ATAGO®’s high capability of innovating new products that are new to the world is what makes ATAGO® stand out. Our RePo series were also the first in the world to measure both angle of rotation and brix in one unit. It is a portable, 2 in 1 hybrid instrument that requires no more observation tubes! We are always coming up with revolutionized ideas to create the most efficient products that meets our customer’s needs.


Our other quality control devices such as the PAL-BX/ACID101 for beer would also be a great asset for the craft beverage industry! PAL-BX/ACID101 for beer measures both total acidity and brix in one unit. It also displays the sugar/acid ratio. This unit is fully equipped with automatic temperature compensation and is even water resistant. This handheld digital acidity and brix meter is sure to make your life easier! ATAGO® is constantly thinking of ways to maximize benefit for our customers, which is why our units do not require any titration! Save money and save the environment at the same time. For other craft beverage industries such as apple cider or sake, we got you covered as well! Make sure to stop by ATAGO® at booth #408 to learn more about our history as well as our other products including the PAL-PLATO, benchtop, in-line units and more!

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