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Ska Fabricating is proud to be the craft brewing industry’s leading supplier for small footprint, semi-automated depalletizers.  Since our humble beginnings in July of 2012, Ska Fabricating has helped over 350+ great customers install our machinery in 48 states and 9 countries. Located in Durango, Colorado, Ska Fabricating designs and manufactures our products with a special eye on quality while providing first class customer support.

Our signature product, the Can-i-Bus depalletizer, paired with our twist rinse cage, is designed with space and cost in mind.  It’s a slim profile, semi-automated depalletizer that makes packaging operations more efficient.  The Can-i-Bus is fully automated once the straps and tier frame are removed.  It is capable of removing multiple sized packages of aluminum, plastic and composites at speeds from 25 CPM to 400 CPM. Features include Category 3 safety requirements, tier sheet catch, Siemens touchscreen controls.  Twist rinse cages can be made for any container size and change out between cages is quick and easy.

The Short Bus Mobile Depalletizer is very similar to the Can-i-Bus- except shorter. When Ska Fabricating designed our mobile depalletizer, we kept the same recipe of a slim-profile, semi-automated depalletizer.  This is the perfect machine for breweries with small or combined use spaces.  The Short Bus features a shorter overall height, a lightweight conveyor and a castor wheelbase to put where you need it, when you need it.

Ska Fabricating also provides a complete line of custom conveyers for both canning and bottling line needs.  We offer modular post fill options including accumulation conveyors, date coding solutions, low fill detection and container rinsing and drying.

If you are looking to build or redesign your canning or bottling line, Ska Fabricating can help with all of your needs.  We do not provide the filler, but work closely with canning and bottling manufactures to suggest the best line for your project.  Ska Fabricating will be sure to meet your needs in the most efficient and affordable way possible!

  • Ska Fabricating- Built from Experience.
  • Offering the craft brewing’s industry leading depalletizers for aluminum , plastic, composite and glass.

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