Why Sake?

Are you intrigued by this traditional Japanese beverage that is having a resurgence in North America? Have you ever thought you wanted to get into the Sake business or extend your brand into this new market? Join us Tuesday, July 27th as we look at the growth of the North American Sake market and talk about the steps you need to take to get a piece of this expanding market. Our speakers are the best and brightest in the industry who saw a vision to bring this centuries old beverage to the craft boom of North America. Co-Sponsored with the Sake Brewers Association of North America (SBANA) this webinar is the first step in creating a successful sake brewery. Moderated by Sachiko Miyagi from Tippsy.com our speakers include representatives in brewing, marketing and leadership.

Join us on Tuesday, July 27, 2021 at 2:00 – 3:00 pm EDT.

Space is limited, so make sure you secure your spot today! 

Meet Our Speakers

Katrina Matthews, Director of Marketing, Wetlands Sake

Wetlands Sake is Louisiana’s first Sake Brewery started in 2019 by Nan Wallis and Lindsey Beard.





Patrick Shearer, Head Brewer, Ben’s American Sake

In May of 2018 Patrick Shearer made the move to Asheville, NC from Portland, OR to become the Head Brewer at Ben’s American Sake, one of the first craft sake breweries in the United States. A self-taught brewer with over a decade of professional experience in wine, beer, and sake, Patrick brings a knack for innovation and problem-solving to his craft. In 2010, Patrick was working at a local winery and searching for a way to turn his home brewing hobby into a full time gig. He took a production brewing position at SakeOne, planning to be there for a year or less-just enough time to build a resume and get a job in craft beer. Patrick would eventually make the transition into Portland’s competitive craft beer industry but not before brewing at SakeOne for over 5 years, learning a great amount about the art and science of brewing sake. During this time, Patrick developed a deep appreciation for the versatility and nuance of sake. After working at several craft beer breweries in the Portland area, Patrick saw a job posting for Head Sake Brewer at Ben’s. He applied on a whim and within two months was driving a moving van across the country. Since making his return to sake brewing, Patrick has introduced several exciting new products to the Ben’s lineup, started an in-house koji program, collaborated with local breweries on beer/sake hybrids, and led the charge in producing the first ever American Craft Sake Fest. He is eager to support and contribute to the growth of this exciting new segment of the craft beverage industry that he stumbled into nearly a decade ago. Patrick is originally from Southern California and spent 15 years in Oregon before making the move to North Carolina. When he’s not brewing sake, Patrick can be found drinking beer with his wife, checking sports scores, or watching historical documentaries with two pitbulls and a cat in his lap. Often simultaneously.


Todd Bellomy, Farthest Star Sake in Massachusetts

Sake brewer Todd Bellomy works as a sake/beer industry consultant while his new brewery, Farthest Star Sake, is under construction. He has many years of alcohol and restaurant industry experience, including eight years at the Boston Beer Company and certifications as a Cicerone and Sake Advisor. Once upon a time, Todd lived in Japan, visited izakaya, and worked as a sword maker’s apprentice and English teacher.

Wetlands Sake is Louisiana’s first Sake Brewery started in 2019 by Nan Wallis and Lindsey Beard.





Sachiko Miyagi, Portfolio Manager, Tippsy.com

Tippsy aims to be the largest online sake sales platform in America.