Perpetual Adaptation: Connecting Now & In The Future

The world didn’t stop. It changed.

Has this change been reflective of any possible iteration of your imagination? Likely no. Do you think what has happened was possible, say, even six months ago? And what do you think about what’s coming next, now?

As people, we are uniquely equipped with a crazy capable brain to adapt like few other species. We’re able to shift, adjust and keep going. We’re able to perpetually adapt.

Now is the time to rethink the future, as well as examine the present. How do we do that? By connecting with what matters most: our own personal purpose. And how do we connect with our purpose? By acknowledging all that has been, all that is and – most importantly – all that can be.

Those who envision this now, will get through; stronger, better, more able and more nimbly equipped to keep adapting. Fortune favors the proactive, the people who skill-up and grow and educate themselves. Those who don’t embrace what life is now or resist change and don’t adapt will flounder, struggle and not survive. It’s this sudden cold wake-up call that we’ve all been avoiding AND it’s a truly singular time of opportunity.

The best adapters are connectors.

They start with learning their ‘WHY’ – their own clear purpose and vision of themselves and their future. It’s exactly what I taught the room last year in Louisville: figuring out your ‘why’.

‘Why’ explains your current ‘what’, as well as ‘what has been’ for you. It also drives your future thinking, feelings, knowledge and actions. To figure your way forward, starting with your ‘why’ is to learn how to grow and thrive, in every era and time.

If you want to grow and get through, building instead of shrinking, join us for a 3-part Livecast series this July, Perpetual Adaptation: Connecting Now & In The Future. You’ll get relevant real-world connecting insights and strategy. I’ll be teaching skills and we’ll practice in this very lively and fully participative series. For yourself first, teams and professional community next, customers third.

We’ll start with teaching you how to figure out your Why, then work through the Elements of Connectivity to equip you with the mindset and tools to move forward. If you want to boost your learning, order your own copy of the Connectivity Canon now. You’ll have the foundational tool to help you do the work better, guide your efforts and provide perpetually useful ideas to keep going and growing. I’ll use it in the series, so those who do have the book will have an edge of advantage.

Rethinking the future requires perpetual adaptation. If you join us, we’ll look forward to helping you learn, grow and get through.

Space is limited, so secure your spot here.

Note: We’re going to conduct this as if we’re all in a physical room – intend to show up and be present, with your video on the entire time requested and participating. As my friend Sam Caligione once said, “Together, we’re heavy.” Show up fully and you’ll get the value of doing so.

CBE/CBDC/WIC 2020 Livecast series, delivered by Ginger Johnson, 3-time CBE speaker and thought-leader.