Amy Abt


As director of strategy at Westwerk, Amy Abt has had the opportunity to work with clients and projects across the gamut; from branding to enterprise-level websites to long-term project retainers. Abt brings experience in content and brand strategy, user experience, account management and marketing to Westwerk.

Abt’s association, commodity board and craft beverage experience runs deeps. She’s worked with clients such as Rush River Brewing Company, Pikes Peak Brewing Company, Domaine Serene, 14 Hands, Saint Croix Vineyards, Essential Juicery, Minnesota Wine Country and US Apple Association.

What’s more, from 2009-2014 Abt served as the marketing chair on the board of the Minnesota Farm Winery Association, at which time she lead a strategic rebrand, social media campaign and web development project for the organization.

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