April Wachtel


April Wachtel is a 25 year veteran in the beverage and hospitality industry. She is an experienced mixologist, a cocktail and spirits instructor, Founder and CEO of Cheeky Cocktails, and the Host of the Movers and Shakers podcast.

April worked in every role from busser to bartender to beverage director to brand ambassador to beverage consultant. She has taught cocktail classes to over 5000 students at Astor Center, ICE, Haven’s Kitchen, Murray’s Cheese, and Audrey Claire Cook. Her classes and personal philosophy of hospitality were featured in The Wall Street Journal and on the Sundance Channel. April has made multiple appearances on The Today Show and Fox & Friends, and has been interviewed for Forbes.com, MarthaStewart.com, FastCompany, GoodFood, Men’s Health, and Refinery29 among many other outlets.

April launched Cheeky Cocktails line of mix & match, bar-quality syrups and juices in spring of 2020, and the products have earned accolades in the New York Times, Men’s Journal, The Washington Post, Thrillist, among others.


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