Beth Wilson-Parentice


Beth Wilson-Parentice created and launched Sipp, a successful organic beverage brand, from kitchen to store shelves, raising venture capital, with no beverage manufacturing experience or formal beverage formulation training and grew it to a national multimillion dollar brand. She now launched WoW Spiritfree Sparkling Cocktails, and also works with companies on brand innovation/growth strategy. Her purpose is to inspire and empower women so they can go forth and create a life of their dreams.

Beth not only has experience growing a successful business, despite many challenges and obstacles, her personal transformation impacted her life so positively that she believes this is her gift to now share with the world.

Through her public speaking, interactive events and her book, “You Glow, Girl!”, she shares how she had to break through limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and shift her mindset to become unstoppable.

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Unstoppable You: Dream Without Limits