Brittany Penny


 Brittany Penny has always had a strong love for bourbon. Born and raised in Louisville, KY, the heart of bourbon country, she would actively listen as her father talked about different notes and flavor profiles in his extensive bourbon collection. Brittany earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications from Spalding University and later earned her MBA in Digital Marketing with an emphasis in Social Media from Sullivan University. During the pandemic lockdown of 2020, while Brittany was expecting her first child, she put her pregnancy nose to the test and smelled different types of bourbon in her husband’s collection. She often tossed around the idea to have a bourbon brand, and after her daughter was born, that dream became a reality. 2 Cents Inc launched in September 2020 and their first expression, The IX Bourbon Whiskey, hit the online market in April 2021. Brittany uses her love of bourbon, creativity, and marketing knowledge to create an experience that will unite humanity one glass at a time. 

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