Ginger Johnson


Ginger Johnson is the founder of Women Enjoying Beer (WEB), the only research driven education company that specializes in studying women and their relationship with beer. As an Industry Specialist she’s been invited to present for many audiences including the Craft Brewers Conference, National Beer Wholesalers Association, Toronto’s Festival of Beer, Great American Beer Festival, Congreso Cerveza Mexico, and American Hop Convention. She’s been a featured guest on various radio programs such as Beer O’Clock and American Craft Beer Radio and produces a weekly live radio program, BeerRadio. Ginger has made appearances on television stations, is included in the award winning documentary The Love Of Beer, and has been featured in a number of web based video pieces.

Her areas of expertise include qualitative research, presenting, speaking, writing, consulting, marketing and business advisement in the area of women and beer. The mission of WEB is to change and improve culture by way of education based on studying women and beer and proactively working to bust myths, shatter damaging and incorrect stereotypes, help businesses garner increased success, and provide full respect for everyone who wants to engage in the beer (and beyond) community. Ginger is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly knowledgeable speaker, educator, researcher, and personality.

Ginger works with companies and organizations to help them properly and successfully market beer to women and with consumers through lively and engaging education. She attends a numerous select festivals to interact with consumers, is hired by private individuals and professionals for speaking, tastings and events, and addresses a wide range of audiences including service clubs like Rotary, Soroptimist and Kiwanis. She freelance writes and has been published in different publications including The New Brewer,, All About Beer, Zymurgy, and IBD. Lifestyle publications Your Home with Karie Engels and NW Travel Magazine count Ginger as a regular contributor as well as other resources that promote and enhance beer and food education online and off line. She is available to a wide variety of industries, conferences and associations that understand the value of knowing how to respectfully develop female market share.

Ginger travels all over and currently makes her home in Oregon, USA. Her high energy, enthusiasm for life in general, and easy laugh makes her a good target for a well-rounded partner to help grow businesses. She’s always up for getting together over a beer, cooking up a fresh meal for friends and visitors, and adores her Fine Husband and two canines.

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