Ginger Johnson


Ginger Johnson started her first company, the little pillow company, in 2002, and she’s been on the path to change the world for some time now. She’s got a loud laugh that forces her to seek work outside libraries and banks. Good thing, as she’s really more turned on by getting to know fascinating people. And finding creative ways to appropriately and successfully meeting new people; everyday extraordinary people. Like you.

Her mission is to connect the world, one person at a time, on purpose and with purpose. The remarkable people she’s met over the years – in her own towns and traveling across the world – has reinforced that there are remarkable people everywhere. We bet you’re one of them. And she wants to meet and get to know a lot more – and help you meet and get to know a lot of them as well.

Ginger frequently works with established and emerging agencies and organizations using her extensive knowledge of connectivity to evoke positive change and mindset in a disconnected environment. Ginger has quickly become a conference favorite for her clients who invite her back for consecutive annual events. Her lively presentations include interactive participation, tangible takeaways and many “aha!” moments. The audience leaves inspired and motivated, ready to connect.

Ginger lives in Oregon with Her Fine Husband, and two furry kids. When she is not traveling around the world speaking, Ginger can usually be found hosting lively dinner parties.

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