Hannah Crum


Hannah Crum, The Kombucha Mamma, founded Kombucha Kamp in 2004. She and partner Alex LaGory are longtime Kombucha educators, advocates and commercial consultants. In 2014, to further their mission of “changing the world, one gut at a time,” they founded Kombucha Brewers International (KBI) where Hannah serves as President. Spreading KBI’s mission to promote and protect Kombucha worldwide, Hannah has been a featured speaker at business conferences, roundtables and on television as the leading expert in Kombucha.

KBI provides education, research, lobbying and more to support commercial producers as well as connect with affiliate members to support our industry. KBI also organizes KombuchaKon, the industry conference for Kombucha producers from around the world featuring educational sessions, networking opportunities and an ever expanding trade show.

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