Harrison Chien


Harrison is currently the Vice-President of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service for Weber Packaging Solutions.  Weber Packaging Solutions is a global supplier and manufacturer of pressure sensitive labels as well as automated applicating equipment.   He has been in the label and packaging industry for 28 years serving in senior leadership roles at Flexcon, Avery Dennison, Sony and Rotometrics.

Harrison holds Marketing and Psychology degrees from the University of Oregon as well as graduate certificates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and  Chien-Tan Academy, Taiwan.  He also has been certified in Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Salesforce.com and Sandler Sales Process.

Harrison’s family includes his wife, Beth and three boys ages 25, 24 and 21.  He currently resides in the Chicago, IL area.  When asked the craziest thing he has ever done, he replied that he and his wife once skydived in Las Vegas!  He has traveled to 49 of the 50 states and has visited 42 different countries.  In his spare time, he enjoys Tennis, Golf, Fly Fishing and playing Piano.

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