Heather Cox


Heather Cox is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, and consultant. She brings her tireless energy to the cause of making the business world more closely resemble the real world. Heather champions diversity and inclusion through her work as an entrepreneur, giving business leaders the tools to improve their numbers and advance their companies. As president of Certify My Company, Heather assists all businesses, large and small, in increasing their visibility in markets and making creative connections that accelerate growth.

Through her leadership at Certify My Company, Heather has assisted numerous organizations, from household names including Johnson & Johnson, Kaiser Permanente, California Baby and Zappos to small mom and pop shops. Her work encompasses all aspects of supplier diversity, offering minority-group entrepreneurs assistance on obtaining certification and using it to their best possible advantage, and working with corporate supply chain heads to ensure diversity across their supplier programs. Heather’s company has been featured in Diversity Professional Magazine, CEO CFO Magazine, & Affinity Magazine, among others.

Heather enjoys being a corporate matchmaker, sharing relationships and knowledge through networking events and seminars. She is an accomplished sales and operations executive with over a decade of experience, primarily with small to medium-sized businesses; a natural teacher and thought leader and a motivating presence on any stage. Her passion for supporting entrepreneurs extends beyond CMC to roles with several organizations, including the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) Forum Marketing Committee and WBEC-West Regional and National Forums. Heather also served on the Advisory Board for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Away from her many professional pursuits, Heather enjoys not relaxing with her husband and five small children. This former acro-gymnast, tightrope walker and juggler balances her hectic life with gym-time, DIY projects and wine & whisky tasting. A seasoned traveler and student of the world, Heather earned her BA in Spanish Language from the University of Texas at Austin, and still remembers most (some?) of it.

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