Jay McPherson


Jay McPherson joined the Compliance Service of America (CSA) team in 1995, and since then has been regularly involved with both standard and complex retail licensing situations, handling licensing and land use issues for wine bars, restaurants, package stores, and strategizing operations with combinations of both on-premises and off-premises licenses, and shared premises involving multiple licensees. McPherson also specializes in establishing TTB permits and state licenses across the country for producers (wineries, breweries, distilleries), and wholesalers, as well as alternating proprietorships, alternating premises and other shared premises or non-standard operations.

McPherson is CSA’s label and formulation specialist, and provides label design consultation, review, and TTB approval submissions, expedited TTB approvals, and label “use-ups.” McPherson has jumped in at critical times to coordinate design and print shop personnel in order to achieve timely approvals and maintain production deadlines. McPherson works regularly with specialty products producers and importers to assure proper labeling, and TTB formula and pre-import approval.

McPherson is a California native, who grew up in Southern California before moving to Colorado to finish high school and attend college. McPherson’s problem solving skills were honed by his broad business and technical experience before coming to CSA.

He now resides close to the Oregon coast, where he enjoys a quiet country lifestyle.

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