Jim Schembre


Jim comes from a beer wholesale family which started right after prohibition, all here in Indiana. So it was his first and only job. In 1995, he sold his distribution rights to Monarch Beverage here in Indianapolis and stayed there for 20 years. During his tenure at Monarch, he developed a specialty beer division called World Class Beverage that not only worked here in Indiana, but spread across other wholesalers in the U.S. World Class Beverage quickly received recognition by winning the first Craft Distributor of the year award in 2006. He has been very active in the craft beer world both in the state of Indiana and on the national scene. He worked with the BA in regards to the CBC and in the specialty wholesaler conference which helped give direction to wholesalers on the pros and cons of craft distribution. He Has done several presentations over the years for the NBWA and BA. Some of those lively debates included Steve Hindy from Brooklyn Brewery and Dale Katechis from Oscar Blues Brewery about selling beer by styles to Larry Bell about the three tier system. His passion for the Category and Segment has fueled this desire to help develop another distribution option here in Indiana to focus on Craft Beverage access to market and continued share growth. His other interest are all things outdoors and watching his grandchildren grow.

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