Keith Villa, PhD


Keith’s higher education began in 1986 with an undergraduate degree from the University of Colorado in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology.  Upon graduation, Keith began conducting research for the Coors brewery in Golden, Colorado and, in 1988, Keith and his wife, Jodi, traveled to Belgium where Coors sponsored his education at the University of Brussels. He received a Ph.D. in brewing in 1995.

Keith created Blue Moon Brewing Company in 1995 as an operating unit of Coors Brewing Company. At Blue Moon, Keith created a new interpretation of the Belgian styles that he had become enamored with while studying abroad. Eventually, Keith’s Blue Moon Belgian-style White Ale became the number one craft beer in the U.S. and is currently sold worldwide.

When Keith retired from MillerCoors in January 2018 after 32 years at the company, he and his wife launched CERIA Brewing Company, dedicated to brewing the finest craft alcohol-free beers.  CERIA’s Grainwave Belgian-style White Ale was released in December 2018 and was an instant success.  A year later, CERIA added an alcohol-free IPA called Indiewave.  Both brews are available nationwide.  In some markets, the beers are also available at dispensaries where they are infused with cannabis.

In his spare time, Keith plays golf, rides Harley Davidsons, and enjoys tinkering with several collectible cars.

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