Michael Fairbrother


With a background in software engineering, Michael Fairbrother founded Moonlight Meadery in July of 2007, with production starting in May 2010. The business has rapidly expanded to the current 4,000 sq. ft. production facility, with capacity to produce over 200,000 bottles per year. Originally sourcing their honey in 5 gallon (19l) buckets, Moonlight now brings in honey in 375 gallon (1419l) containers! While this is a mind bending amount of honey, its all True Source Certified, which helps ensure the honey is sustainable and ethically produced – it can even be traced back to the source hive!

Currently employing five full time staff and a hand full of part time employees, Moonlight Meadery has gained the distinct honor of becoming the first winery in New Hampshire’s state history to be distributed to California and now Australia.

Fairbrother has created over 77 different varieties of mead that spans the flavour spectrum, highlighting his creativity and imagination. He’s earned medals at the prestigious Mazer Cup International as both an amateur and a professional mead maker and has been the New England Mead Maker of the year 3 years in a row.

As the former President of Brew Free or Die, New Hampshire’s largest homebrewing club, Fairbrother knows how to bridge the gap between homebrewing and pro brewing. His passion for mead and his strength to strength success make him an ideal speaker.

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