Susanne Fullerton


Born and raised in Sweden. Entrepreneurial. Started out working as a chemical buyer for Ericsson in Stockholm, where I met my American husband. Married and moved to Denmark. Opened the first Ericsson Hotline Shop in Copenhagen. Had our first two children; Alex (our winemaker) and Caroline (she has designed all our labels). Started a recruiting and temporary services company and ran this successfully and simultaneously with working as the assistant to the CEO of IKEA International, then headquartered out of Denmark. Moved to the US in 1997. My husband and I have run several startups within high-tech. Started Fullerton Wines in 2012 with my husband and oldest son, and have been working full-time with Fullerton Wines since 2014 responsible for everything except for the wine production. As of January of this year, rolled out of the day-to-day sales and marketing activities and operations and now focus on the administrative part of running our operations (accounting, finance, compliance, legal etc.), while my husband has taken over running day-to-day sales and marketing operations.

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