Selecting a Craft Beverage Distributor Part 5: Attracting Alcohol Distributors

After deciding on potential wholesale alcohol distributors to work with, you need to be ready to sell them on working with you. That means pitching them about the value your brand can add to their portfolio.

Start your outreach with a distributor by phone or email. Be clear about your beverage’s specifications and why your brand and products fit well with the distributor’s portfolio. What you share with them shows them that you have done your homework and are committed to building a relationship.

How to Prepare for the Pitch 

Once you’ve lined up a meeting with an alcohol distributor, you will need to prepare your pitch to sell them on working with you.

You can sweeten the deal if you can show proof that retailers are already committed to working with you, such as sharing a letter of intent. Be prepared to talk about costs, such as shipping and advertising, as well as about pricing. Knowing these numbers in advance can also help you with negotiations to ensure you haven’t conceded too much.

You should also bring product samples and packaging with you to the pitch meeting and any marketing collateral you have developed. Be ready to share how you are different so the distributor sees the opportunities they can get from working with you.

It Takes Time

Signing up with a wholesaler can take a long time. Everything has to be verified and negotiated to ensure mutual success. This is important to do because the goal is to develop a long-term working relationship.

Our last blog in the series will talk about what comes next after you have landed that distributor deal.