Speaker Spotlight: Rhonda Kallman

Rhonda Kallman, Founder and CEO of Boston Harbor Distillery, sat down with us to give an early glimpse into her session during the brand new Women in Craft Forum and to discuss how women are influencing the craft industry.

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What role are women taking on in craft?

Women were the original brewers (alewife’s/brewsters) and distillers. Women are taking back our rightful place!

How are women changing the industry?

Women are creating some of the best products available today. Let’s not forget that women make up the majority of decisions relating to purchasing.

What are the benefits of adding more women to the craft industry?

Too numerous to count! Why wouldn’t we want likeminded individuals, of all genders, colors and religions joining us in celebrating all things craft?

How can we get more women to join our industry? 

Keep communicating, hiring, training and encouraging participation. The more we succeed, the more equality we will see, which I hope is during my lifetime!

How will they influence our audience?  

Women have a tendency to spread the good word, share their findings and passions and get others engaged.



Join Rhonda and her fellow presenters as they discuss topics unique to women in the craft beverage industry, Thursday, December 5 from 8 am – 5 pm at the new Women in Craft Forum. Get your pass here!