Quality – This is the element upon which all others are built. In short, without it you have nothing.

Branding – Authentic branding communicates your values and character. For your audience, it’s a promise from a trusted friend—even if it’s a friend they’ve never met before. It can spur a consumer to try your product sight unseen, or turn a casual customer into a bona fide brand ambassador.

Loyalty – Loyalty is all about word of mouth marketing and building allegiance to your brand.

Relationships – Your position in the industry depends on your relationships with your neighbors, your community, your competitors, your suppliers, and your vendors. As we move from the very vertical beer, wine, spirits, and cider markets to a more cohesive Craft Beverage umbrella, these relationships are becoming increasingly important.

In keeping with the crucial role they must play in your business, all education and general sessions will be explicitly tied to one or more of the elements above.

Start planning your CBE 2016 now.