What may be the oldest drink in the world may be the newest thing at the bar. Finding the right distribution strategy and marketing mix is critical to stay ahead of your competitors. But how do you manage regulatory issues and run a business without compromising your product and your sanity? Find out directly from pioneers at the virtual Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference (CBE)—the premier event dedicated to mead makers like you.

This is the only conference that takes a deep-dive into distribution which is critical for your business success. In this highly regulated system, navigating the myriad of rules can really slow down your business. The right distribution strategy can be a game-changer and give you the market penetration you need to win your home market and beyond.

At CBE, you’ll learn the strategy to small batch distribution and be able to shop for products and services unique for craft meaderies at Craft Beverage Trade Show.

No other event focuses on your needs like we do. We’re bringing the entire independent beverage community together online, so you can get proven solutions from the people who know mead best.

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