CBD-Infused Beverages: Where is this Trend Going?

Visual Capitalist recently put together an infographic on the growth potential of the CBD beverage market, which includes CBD-infused beverages (coffee, tea, water, kombucha, juice, and sports drinks) as well as CBD-infused beer, wine, and spirits.

The comprehensive infographic shared the benefits of these beverages and some of the ongoing trends that sees it growing into a formidable segment of both the beverage and CBD markets.

Benefits of CBD-Infused Drinks

This CBD category will grow because many people see beverages as an easier and healthier way to consume CBD. The dosage is more controlled and CBD is more accessible in this form through numerous distribution channels, including restaurants and bars, supermarkets, and online retailers.

Trends in CBD Beverages
The infographic identified three key trends that we will continue exploring during a breakout session on CBD in the craft beverage industry on December 4th at the upcoming Craft Beverage Distribution Conference.

First, consumer preferences are moving away from alcohol and toward cannabis products as evidenced in the ongoing global decline of alcohol sales.

Second, there is a big push for product innovations in terms of convenient drink solutions, personalized drinks, sustainable packaging, and ingredient transparency.

Third, celebrity, brand, and influencer endorsements of CBD is driving CBD into the mainstream. For example, Willie Nelson and former NFL star Terrell Davis have their names on different CBD-infused beverages. Recognizable brands like Coors are entering the CBD beverage market, too, for further acceptance.

Another overall trend is the increasing variety of CBD-infused beverages available right now with many more planned for the coming year.

Challenges For CBD-Infused Alcohol Products 

Producers of alcohol and craft beer, wine, and spirits have to be very careful how they create drink products based on stringent regulatory standards related to alcohol and CBD.

However, these regulatory barriers haven’t stopped the process of developing interesting new craft beverages. For example, brewers like Portland, Oregon’s Coalition have developed CBD-infused craft IPAs with a focus on educating consumers about CBD, its health benefits, and its effects. Other brewers like the Portland-based True Terpenes is working on other options for CBD-infused craft beer.

Lagunitas and Widmer Brothers Brewing are also continuing to experiment on CBD-infused beers in hopes of developing flavors that consumers will enjoy while offering different dosage options and continuing to adhere to the strong regulations in place.

In the face of the continued challenges that federal regulators place on these types of beverages, craft beverage makers are relishing the challenge by focusing on innovation. It’s another reason why the craft beverage industry is such an exciting place to work, learn, and develop.

What’s Next?

The CBD-infused beverage market will continue to evolve with more challenges and demands along with greater potential. More work needs to be done on a research level to understand CBD purity and dosage levels. The research includes understanding how to develop new CBD infusion methods and create water-soluble CBD to combat any health concerns.

Consumers will continue to call for more ingredients and labeling transparency so they can know and trust what they are drinking.  As the infographic article noted, states like Indiana now demand that manufacturers label CBD products with QR codes. These codes can then be scanned to provide information on THC, CBD, and pesticide levels as well as the quantities of any other compounds.

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