Managing Your Inventory and Production to Ensure Financial Success

You have set up your production lines, your tasting room is buzzing, but if you don’t have a proper handle on managing your inventory and production all of that success could be for naught. Your inventory represents one of the largest investments in your company, but do you know your actual costs? Do you truly understand what is going out the door and when? Are you tracking customer demand to forecast future production? Join us as we discuss the many sides of inventory control from purchasing and storage to cost and control.


  • Review the basics of inventory and production management
  • Develop an understanding of how to forecast future demand
  • Identify tools and technology available for inventory control, accounting and production scheduling
  • Gain an understanding of the TTB reporting requirements surrounding inventory and production



Mary Brettmann

CPA, President Beverage Business Builders

Vickie Brennan

TTB Investigator Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau