Partner Event: Garagiste Wine Festival

Garagiste Events will hold its first ever Garagiste Festival: Northern Exposure in conjunction with Craft Beverage Expo (CBExpo) on Thursday, May 19 from 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm at the Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA.  Tickets are for sale at CBExpo attendees will receive a 25% discount. So, make sure you sign up for CBExpo and then […]

Let Technology Support Your Growth

Growth goes beyond the volume you produce. It is also about the manner in how well you produce and how your business functions. Using the tools of technology can help you focus beyond fermentation. Less chaos, more visibility, accurate accountability, promoting teamwork and collaboration are a few of the benefits when you take advantage of […]

Authenticity Above All Else: How To Effectively Communicate Your Brand Story

Today’s consumers, more than ever, demand authenticity from the brands that they embrace and adore.  Beverage marketing veteran Christian McMahan will take you through a journey of examples and best practices to help inspire you how to make the most out of your brand and effectively communicate it to your target consumers. Understanding the true […]

Navigating the Currents of Change: Distribution

With exponential increases in the number of suppliers, the very nature of distribution continues to change dramatically. Are you handling these uncharted waters with your distributor? Or are they leaving you in their wake? Learn some new navigation tools from a panel of salty dogs, and get everything shipshape for the new era. Objectives: Discover […]

Craft by the Numbers

The session will dive into the latest trend data encompassing all of the craft beverage segments, including case volume and sales figures. We’ll analyze which segments are growing fastest, which styles and flavors are trending with consumers and what new segments are likely to emerge. We’ll also explore the latest demographic data relating to the […]

Scalable, Actionable, and Effective Social Media Marketing for the Craft Beverage Industry

Build an effective social media plan, specifically focused on alcohol brands:  Best practices, content curation, social advertising, social analytics, and more. Objectives: Create effective content strategy while staying within TBB/ABC restrictions Understand social ROI, metrics, analytics, and other ways to measure the effectiveness of social media Develop dynamic social campaigns that engage fans, drive sales, […]

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: How to Exit Your Distributor Relationship

What happens when the relationship with your distributor ends? Whether it is your choice or theirs, you have to be able to part ways, professionally and legally, to ensure both reputations are left intact. What can you do to ensure you are protected? Do you know what to include in your contract and what happens […]

Next Level of Growth: How to Grow Beyond the Startup Stage

It’s time to move your company to the next stage, to grow past startup up and create a business for greater growth and long term stability.  To take that next step, you need to understand where you have been, where you are, and where you are going.  You need to outline a plan, determine your […]

Direct to Consumer Sales Dos and Don’ts

Selling wine and craft brew direct to consumer provides greater profit margins but also requires careful planning to ensure orders are shipped in a timely and safe manner and that the company stays connected with consumers in between visits. Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops presents at industry trade shows and events both nationally […]

Making Events Produce for Your Brand

Events in the beverage industry are taking off and the trend to create new and exciting opportunities to engage the consumer with your product are endless! Craft beverage producers have the unique opportunity to work with events on a more personal level and customize event activations to maximize engagement and exposure. Hear from this panel […]