Shared Tasting Room Models: Benefits for Your Brand

We all want to share the passion for our product with our consumers and what better way than through a tasting room.  But what if you don’t have the resources to do it on your own?  Co-op, collective, shared tasting rooms are an alternative option for those who want to get their product in front of consumers but don’t have the budget or space.  Learn the how and why of different shared tasting room options, including the pros and cons, from our experienced panelists.  What do you need to consider before entering in a shared venture?  What are the lessons learned?  Understand the benefits this opportunity brings to your brand while connecting you to consumers you may have thought were out of reach.




Anne Hubatch

Winemaker/Cidermaker/Founder Helioterra Wines and Alter Ego Cider

Kate Norris

Co-Founder Division Winemaking Company and Southeast Wine Collective