Marketing’s Secret Weapon: A Sales Team to Differentiate Your Brand

As competition heats up, the success of a brand is often dependent on retailers’ and distributors’ perception of the folks on the front line – those representing your brand and telling your story, day-in and day-out. The craft beverage business is still very much relationship-based; however, there’s a real opportunity to separate your sales team […]

Shared Tasting Room Models: Benefits for Your Brand

We all want to share the passion for our product with our consumers and what better way than through a tasting room.  But what if you don’t have the resources to do it on your own?  Co-op, collective, shared tasting rooms are an alternative option for those who want to get their product in front […]

Connectors, Trendsetters and Celebrities: Successful & Compliant Influencer Marketing

Everyone is looking for new ways to create visibility for their product beyond their own audience.  How can you use influencer marketing to achieve this goal?  Join our panel as we discuss the ins and outs of this specific type of marketing and how to make it work for your business.  From how to engage […]

Impact Your Craft Beverage Marketing Through E-Commerce

In this session, we will delve into the marketing best practices that will help you drive profitable incremental revenue through e-commerce. In the highly complex and crowded field of digital marketing platforms, it is difficult to discern what will actually work. Whether you are looking to sell products directly on your site, grow your brand […]

Creating Brand Reappraisal, A Marketer’s Toughest Test

It’s easy to teach consumers something new, it’s so much harder to change their previously held opinion of you. In this session, we will learn how companies have gone about trying to achieve the hardest of all marketing strategies, brand reappraisal.  We will see how some succeeded and some failed.  We will learn the multiple […]

Leveraging the Resources of Local Destination Marketing Agencies to Expand Your Reach

Join representatives from Travel Oregon, Travel Portland and local Oregon producers to learn how craft and independent beverage producers can and have partnered with their local and regional destination marketing organizations to develop marketing tools, promote their regions, and collaborate across industries to engage with consumers. Understand the resources and programs available to you through […]

Opening General Session: Shift Happens! Are You Prepared?

You have a great brand right now—but the beverage world is in flux all the time. As consumers’ tastes and preferences change and the market evolves, you need to adapt the way you do business in order to stay competitive. Whether that means rotating the beverages you currently offer, expanding into another commodity, creating new […]

A Branding Story: Developing a Successful Creative Campaign

Your brand has a story to tell. To successfully tell that story, you need to understand the effective techniques for maintaining continuity in your brand story across multiple marketing channels. Join our presenter, Jason Roberson as he examines local and national campaigns for the key elements which lead to a successful creative campaign. Learn techniques […]

How to Find Your New Competitive Advantage

Instead of simply fighting for market share, Tom will discuss how helping to create a new market and/or growing a tiny portion of a current market into a very large one is the better strategy. He will explain how market entry must be timed to translate a set of ideas and product at exactly the […]

How Does Innovative Packaging Influence the Smart Shopper?

Innovation comes in many forms.  Start-ups, flavors, beverage types, packaging options, sustainability, and marketing.  Learn the latest insights about today’s smart shopper and how innovation can be applied to guide their buying decisions.  Walk away with an understanding the impact your innovative packaging can play in the purchasing process.