Telling Your Story

In this session, companies will learn how to locate and tell their stories. Storytelling is a bit of a buzzword in corporate communications, but it has real value and is especially important for makers of artisanal products. Customers do not relate to craft beverages as interchangeable widgets; they have an emotional connection–which is why brewery sell-outs are greeted with such howls of anguish. People buy these products because they have a connection to the maker. Telling their story is a critical piece for any artisanal company who wants to project their values and identity to a customer.

In the course of the session, we will explain how companies go through the process of finding the narrative arc of their story, how to use theme and language to communicate it, and how to use that story to drive decision-making about product development, internal culture, communications with key partners, and of course, branding and marketing.



Jeff Alworth

Author/Writer The Secrets of Master Brewers | The Beer Bible | Beervana