This Ain’t No Fake News: Effective DIY Media Outreach Wins Friends and Influences People

You don’t need a million-dollar marketing budget to attract positive press. If you have some creativity, patience, and a few writing chops you can get your name in the news without spending money on pricey ad buys or public relations agencies. What will you gain? Free advertising, control of your marketing message, and, if done right, higher sales and customer loyalty. COVID’s hit to business makes this a non-negotiable for a successful company.

In this presentation, Forbes beer/spirits contributor and craft beverage marketer Tara Nurin will look toward 2021 to show you what to do and what not to do when interacting with the media. Learn – and practice how – to cultivate relationships with local and (inter)national journalists, write your own news release, promote an event, get booked on a TV morning show, and ensure that when you have a story to tell, you know exactly how to engage enthusiastic reporters to tell it.



Tara Nurin

Freelance Writer & Author; Beer/Spirits Contributor Forbes