Using Brand Architecture to Scale Your Business

Are you launching a new line of seltzers? Or a kombucha? Or maybe opening a new location? These leaps present complicated decisions to be made. Do we use your current name on this new location or make it more tailored to its new neighborhood? Should you create a new name for your seltzers? What will happen to your brand if your kombucha flops? Welcome to Brand architecture, a method you can use to answer these types of questions.

Your brand architecture is the framework you use to determine how all of your brands, current and future, interact with each other—how do specific brands relate or differ, how are they positioned and named, how are they priced, and how does all of this help you build your business?

As we turn the corner into 2021, understand the practical brand architecture considerations for extending and growing your brand, including which overarching structure makes the most sense for your business—a “branded house” or a “house of brands,” as well as the role of brand extensions, line extensions and co-branding in your portfolio and brand strategy.



Isaac Arthur

Founder & CMO CODO Design

Cody Fague

Founder & Creative Director CODO Design