Water: Manage Your Business through the Ebbs and the Flows

From the drought to El Nino – we’ve seen major impacts from Mother Nature on water sourcing over the last year. How do you make the best decisions when it comes to water management for your business? As a craft producer you need to be prepared for the impact both nature and manmade water situations and regulations can have on your business and bottom line while at the same time holding true to your company mission and vision. Learn best practices to balance sustainability, environmental stewardship and financial return within your water and waste water business plan.


  • Discuss the major issues and regulations currently affecting water sourcing and waste water
  • Explore best practices for sustainability and environmental stewardship
  • Develop an understanding of how proper water and waste water management will affect financial return



Glenn Wensloff

Owner Elutriate Systems

Todd S. Webster, PhD, PE

Regional Vice President Envirogen Technologies, Inc.