Our polyethylene tanks are designed for use in the wine and related industries. The products are configured for convenient use and designed to assist oxygen management in wine production. The products are also being used for Mead, Cider and specialty spirits production. Scientifically-engineered Flextanks were designed to contest the notorious challenges faced by the modern-day wine and beverage maker using oak barrels and stainless-steel tanks.

Flextank vessels have been sold in the USA since 2006 and are currently leading the market in the area of new-age wine and beverage-making. Notable and award-winning wines, ciders and meads have come from our tanks, which are manufactured and assembled in Vancouver, Washington in the United States for distribution worldwide.

The vessels manufactured by Flextank are made from high quality North American resins. The US Food and Drug Administration and the European Food Safety Authority have approved all of the resins used in Flextank vessels.

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