Fluid Chillers Inc.

Fluid Chillers Inc. is a U.S based manufacturer for glycol chillers and cooling systems for the Brewery, Distillery and winery Industries. We cool: fermenting tanks, crash cooling, cold keg storage rooms, etc. We also assist with piping layouts and tank layouts at no charge. We manufacture chillers that can be installed indoors, outdoors, or split […]


Since 1903, we have innovated mint production and flavor profiles. With a century of experience in geographic and cultural flavor preferences, we serve customers in nearly every region on earth. Today, our flavorists are hard at work with our applications lab designing, crafting and testing new flavors—along with new and innovative ways to deliver them […]

Bluegrass Bottling

Established in 2020, Bluegrass Bottling is providing its clients with the very best in Bottling of Spirits, private brand labeling and special custom packaging in the heart of the Bluegrass. NO MINIMUM CASE RUN AND NEW MINI BOTTLES with lots of warehouse space. We do not have our own spirits brand with that being said our […]

Element 502

Element 502 is a Digital Marketing Agency and web design company, located in Louisville, KY. However, we are more than that. Much more. Our goal is to work with you to change the way your brand communicates to your best audience. Whether it’s targeting online sales, showcasing your portfolio, or sharing the story of your […]

Enzyme Innovation

Enzyme Innovation is a research-driven manufacturer with 60 years of manufacturing experience, and unparalleled expertise in industrial probiotics and enzymes. We provide clean-label, eco-safe solutions to more than 25 industries, including craft brewing and distilling, brewing and malting, winemaking, and grain alcohol. Our powerful probiotic and enzyme solutions improve everything from liquefaction to fermentation enhancement […]


Our polyethylene tanks are designed for use in the wine and related industries. The products are configured for convenient use and designed to assist oxygen management in wine production. The products are also being used for Mead, Cider and specialty spirits production. Scientifically-engineered Flextanks were designed to contest the notorious challenges faced by the modern-day […]

White Dog Trading and Storage, LLC

Bourbon Storage & Brokerage Services.

Lafitte Cork and Capsule

Lafitte maintains a family-owned business with production and distribution facilities for wine corks and capsules in Chile, France, Italy, Portugal and the United States. With over 100 years of industrial experience, Lafitte’s eager attention to new and evolving industry standards ensures our continual improvement in producing the highest quality cork products suitable for all wines […]

Zee Loeffler, member of Vincit Group

Zee Loeffler understands the science behind brewing.  To make good beer, water quality and sanitation are integral to the process.  We help you make better beer. No two breweries are the same.  Zee Loeffler is the only chemical services provider dedicated to brewing.  Other chemical service providers use their standard Food & Beverage formulations in […]

JetAir Technologies, LLC

JetAir Technologies is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of high -speed centrifugal blowers, air knives and drying/blow-off systems.