Laura Lodge


Laura Lodge is the Co-Founder of Start A Brewery, LLC, a business created to help dreamers, breweries in planning, and growing breweries by pulling together educational resources from savvy professionals across the brewing industry. Free to the public, divides the daunting process into phases and breaks it down by category, further augmented by a library of information submitted by contributors.

Laura is also the owner of Customized Craft Beer Programs, a consulting business offering insight and assistance with all things craft beer. In addition to developing craft beer programs for destination resorts, she enjoys developing and hosting creative educational events including the well-known Big Beers, Belgians & Barleywines Festival.  Laura entered the craft beer industry working in the distribution tier, and consults for breweries and wholesalers about the complexities of distribution. Author of Distribution Insight for the Craft Brewer, Mentor for the Brewers Association Mentorship Program, and recognized as a veteran in the craft beer industry, she lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and enjoys the outdoor lifestyle.

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The Legal Campfire: Labels, Ingredients, Wages, Business Structure, DEI, Property Ownership, Operations, Cannabis, and S’Mores