Sandra Hess


Sandra Hess, founder of DTC Wine Workshops, supports wineries of all sizes in the areas of eCommerce, CRM, DTC Strategic Planning and Training Services to grow direct to consumer wine sales and retain loyal customers. Prior to joining the wine industry, Hess served small to mid-sized businesses as well as global corporations in the areas of CRM software, website design, online marketing, public relations, compliance management and workflow automation solutions. Hess founded DTC Wine Workshops in July, 2013 out of a growing demand for wineries to learn how to leverage ideal blends of winery technology with best practices to capitalize on what is now a $1.97 million dollar industry in wines shipped direct (Wines & Vines 2015 Direct Report). Hess launched the DTC Consultant Network in August,2014 to better support wineries nationally by matching direct wine sales, marketing and technology specialists with winery teams on a project-by- project basis. Sandra has been featured in Forbes, was a presenter at Google’s Start Up Grind event in May, 2015 and launched the direct to consumer Roadshows for Vin65, WineDirect, Winery CRM (Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution) and VinTank.  Sandra publishes a DTC wine case study series and a DTC wine sales blog at:

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