Designing Your Journey: Career Planning

How do you design your future career and life journey? What is balance for you? What is included in your path to success? Build upon the lessons learned from the symposium to map out your desired journey. From connections to self-advocacy, education to mentorships, identify the tools that will help lead you to success.

Building Your Case: The Importance of Self-Advocacy

Being able to promote yourself and ask for what you want and need in the workplace is vital to success. Whether it is negotiating for your salary, speaking up in meetings, or reporting sexual harassment, self-advocacy skills can provide you with the tools needed to promote your brand and tackle workplace hurdles. Learn the skillset […]


Understanding Your Value: Financial Impact of Women

Women are currently driving buying decisions, representing 70-80% of purchases made for consumer goods. In the $12-15 alcoholic beverage category, 85% of purchases are made by women. In addition, 40% of the businesses in the US are currently owned by women. But how do you successfully leverage this data into individual success? How can you […]

Examining the Pipeline: Diversity in the Workplace

According to the 2018 McKinsey & Company Women in the Workplace Study, companies with more diverse leadership are proven to be more successful. In fact, gender diverse companies are 22% more likely to outperform non-diverse companies, and, businesses without diversity may be missing out on creative ideas, innovation and profitability because they are made up […]


Paving Your Way: Routes to Success

Action plans and setting goals are often the first steps in building your future success.  But oftentimes, you struggle to understand what you need to include in your action plan to reach the next level. What alternative tools can be implemented and how can they help you reach your goals?  What opportunities are available to […]


Building Your Community: Creation of Meaningful Connections

Presenter: Ginger Johnson, Connector & Author You are constantly told that the key to workplace success is networking – going to face-to-face events, making small talk, getting that business card – but how many times have you made lasting connections through these events? As your world turns to more technology, personal connections become more important […]