Speaker Spotlight: Heather Cox

Heather Cox, President of Certify My Company, is one of our influential speakers at the inaugural Women in Craft Forum at CBE19. As an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and consultant, Heather will be sharing her thoughts on the benefits of education, mentorships and other opportunities available to women in the craft beverage industry.

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What role are women taking on in craft?

Women are taking on roles on all sides!  They are starting craft companies, running craft companies and consuming craft beverages.

How are women changing the industry?

We know that 85% of all consumer decisions are made by women, that women control $7 trillion in consumer and business spending, that 70% of [wine] purchases are made by women AND that women are 90% more likely to purchase a product (widget or wine) if it is easily recognizable as women made/owned. Women are demanding more from an industry that for too long underestimated their consumer power. Women bring a different perspective and are changing the industry’s cognitive diversity. The unique perspective of females in the craft industry brings in a completely different viewpoint and if that is leveraged, so is the craft’s competitive advantage.

What are the benefits of adding more women to the craft industry?

Every time another woman joins the industry, she is bringing along many other women with her, both consumers and future creators. She brings along her unique perspective. So much of the craft industry’s marketing is the story behind the craft, and women have incredible stories!

How can we get more women to join our industry?

Numerous studies show that women-led companies tend to perform better than those led by men. 50% of Americans say they’d prefer to work at a female-led company over a male-led company because they’re more purpose-driven, more likely to have access to childcare and are more likely to offer equal pay. By starting businesses and leading business (c-suite, boardroom, master distiller, etc) in the craft industry, women are encouraging other women to take the leap and join the industry.  If women see it is possible, then it becomes possible!

How will they influence our audience?

Most people have to “see themselves” to feel they can be part of it! Women in Craft is in a unique position to offer women the opportunity to see themselves in a position of leadership and/or ownership, which allows women to see themselves in a position to change an industry.


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