Speaker Spotlight: Julie Verratti

Julie Verratti, Founder and Chief Brand Officer of Denizens Brewing Co., will speaking at this year’s Distribution Conference and will provide tailored insights into Self-Distribution. We sat down with Julie to do a deeper dive into what she’ll be discussing with the CBE audience…

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What is the topic of your session at the conference?

Alternative Distribution Methods. I will be focused on Self Distribution.

How is this topic affecting you and the industry?

The Craft Beer space is getting more and more competitive. Knowing how to self distribute your own products without having to rely on a traditional distribution partner is becoming a necessary alternative for many companies – especially new breweries who are still building their own brands.

Can you provide a teaser of key points of this topic that you will cover as a presenter?

  • What systems should I have in place to be successful at self-distribution?
  • What regulations should I be paying attention to before starting self-distribution?
  • What are some affordable technologies that I should consider using for self-distribution

What do you hope to achieve by sharing this information with attendees in terms of benefits for them and the overall industry?

I hope that I can translate lessons learned over the last five and a half years of running self-distribution in two different jurisdictions. I wish I had known what I know now before we got started self-distributing – we would have been a lot more successful out of the gate. The distribution tier is a blackhole when it comes to finding out how it works without already having the experience of actually working for a distributor. I think self-distributing breweries can help grow craft in conjunction with traditional distribution and that will help the whole sector win.

What are you personally looking forward to at this year’s conference/expo and why?

I am looking forward to meeting other producers, distributors and retailers, and learning how they are creatively growing the craft alcohol beverage industry.


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