Speaker Spotlight: Michael Minton

Michael Minton, Owner of Dauntless Distributing, will be speaking alongside Brian Rosen and Michael Gray on how to understand and analyze the distribution landscape. Here’s a preview of the panel and what you can expect to learn.


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What is the topic of your session at the conference?

Setting the Stage: Distribution Landscape


How is this topic affecting you and the industry?

Dauntless’ existence and execution is wholly tied to this topic. We came into existence with a core vision of standing out in the aforementioned landscape by way of our commitment to suppliers, general transparency, and impassioned dedication to customer service (both for our third-tier partners and their consumers).

Our industry is noisier than ever; producers are tasked with the expansive challenge of garnering and maintaining the loyalty of consumers in an increasingly competitive, hyper-accelerated domestic market. An unhealthy relationship between producer and distributor can cripple (or even destroy) a brand. Concurrently, long-established franchise laws continue to vex and handcuff producers around the country.

Making the right decision in distribution, whether regionally, nationally, or internationally, has never been more important than it is in the current moment. Opening the conference with this panel points to the significance of the topic, and I look forward to the discourse we will share on December 3.


Can you provide a teaser of key points of this topic that you will cover as a presenter?

 I expect for our panel to flesh out the situational nuances that exist within the points made above from our “real world,” day-to-day experiences. I see this topic as the underlying theme of the conference, so we will do our best to leave no stone unturned.


What do you hope to achieve by sharing this information with attendees in terms of benefits for them and the overall industry?

I’m not much for cliche, but it fits: knowledge is power. It is my hope that the panel will demystify elements of the supplier-wholesaler structure and, as a result, empower all participants in all tiers. There has been a great deal of ingenuity and innovation within distribution over the last decade. Our panel will do its damnedest to shine a bright light on the good, the bad, and the ugly so that everyone has an opportunity to succeed.



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