Speaker Spotlight: Steffani Scheurich

We sat down with Steffani Scheurich, Owner/Founder of High Spirits Marketing, LLC, to learn more about what she’ll be discussing during her three different sessions at CBE 2019. Two of Steffani’s sessions will take place during the Distribution Conference while her third session will be during the new Women in Craft Forum.

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What is the topic of your session at the conference?

1.  Marketing vs Distribution, Two Perspectives on Your Campaign

2.  Marketing Tips and Tricks

3.  Buying Power of Women

How is this topic affecting you and the industry?

1.  I am a consultant in the industry. I consult with Craft Distilleries, Craft Wineries, and larger companies within the industry. It is increasingly important to create strategies that address both marketing and distribution. It is not enough as a craft producer to ask a distributor to take your product into distribution and expect your job is done. You are your own marketer and you must be prepared to adequately budget to push the sale of your brand, and get consumer trial and repeat purchase of your brand.

2. There are several marketing avenues to gain consumer awareness and trial of brands. Having an arsenal of multiple marketing programs is what separates brands from each other and generates velocity. Many craft producers do not adequately allocate resources for such marketing strategies.

3. Women are gaining a voice in the Beverage Alcohol industry. I am a female-owned business and there are increasingly more female distillers. Organizations such as Bourbon Women, Whiskey Chicks, and Women of the Vine and Spirit are gaining prominence in the industry. Brands are beginning to see that women are consumers of all spirits types, to include whiskey. Whiskey is not just a man’s drink anymore, and big spirits producers and craft distillers alike need to be sure they are taking notice! This does not mean to be cheeky, or to market the color pink!

Can you provide a teaser of key points of this topic that you will cover as a presenter?

1. Marketing and Distribution are equally important strategies. Craft producers need to adequately address both strategies. We will discuss ideas on how to incorporate and budget against these two perspectives.

2. We will address several marketing topics/ideas and their effectiveness and give craft producers some thought starters for creating marketing plans.

3. Women have gained significant importance in terms of their buying power and need to be recognized. It is important to market to women and it’s essential to address them properly.

What do you hope to achieve by sharing this information with attendees in terms of benefits for them and the overall industry?

1. Marketing and distribution are both essential for a craft producer to be successful. There must be budgets set aside for strategies to address both marketing and distribution! Too often the craft producer is not taking both of these strategies into account.

2. With a few thought starters on some effective marketing techniques, I hope to give craft producers some ideas for setting up marketing strategies.

3. I hope to give craft producers statistical information that helps them understand the importance of the female consumer so that they are thinking of females in their strategies and approach to the market. Personally, I am hoping that craft producers will see the value that I provide as a consultant and hire me for my services!

What are you personally looking forward to at this year’s conference/expo and why?

1. Establishing my company as a value-added consulting service for the industry by presenting the three breakout sessions and incorporating statistical data to showcase key points/strategies.

2. Visiting the sales floor and making new connections in the industry in order to provide value to my clients.

3. I would like to network and meet at least 4-5 new craft producers to forge relationships with them.


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