Speaker Spotlight: Steve Soble

We sat down with Steve Soble, Founder of Burnt City Brewing and District Brew Yards, to get a sneak peek at his session during the Craft Beverage Distribution Conference 2019.

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What is the topic of your session at the conference?

Alternative Distribution Methods

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 | 11:15 am – 12:00 pm


How is this topic affecting you and the industry?

As a small brand, it is very hard to get the attention of the sales people and retailers. It’s hard to break through the clutter of brands and get traction with retailers. As a craft brewer in IL, we have to sell to our distributor who then sells to retailers. And once you sign a distribution agreement, you are married for life to a distributor if you want to be in a market (i.e. Illinois).

Finding alternate methods of distributing your product could be the key to success for a craft producer. Instead of fighting for attention among thousands of other brands, you can tailor your distribution model to work for you.


What kind of information will you be sharing at your session?

Beyond contracting with distributors, there are other ways to get your product in the hands of consumers. During this session, we’ll discuss a few ways to activate your alternative distribution strategy, including how to talk directly to your customers and sell your product direct (via subscription models, grub hub, etc.)


How will this information benefit attendees and the overall industry?

By eliminating the go-between of a distributor and retailer, we can talk directly to our customers and build our business and brand. For a craft producer, brand building in this way is essential and can turn a small-batch business into a thriving craft beverage.


What are you personally looking forward to at this year’s conference/expo and why?

I’m looking forward to talking with other craft beverage makers and sharing experiences and ideas. It’s not often when we’re all able to get together and reflect on what’s happening in our industry.



Join Steve and his fellow presenters, Rick Brown, Julie Verratti and Randy Larson as they discuss Alternative Distribution Methods, Tuesday, December 3 from 11:15 am – 12:00 pm at Craft Beverage Distribution Conference. Register for your conference pass here.