The Real Deal

“Raise your hand if you love going to networking events!!”

When I ask this to rooms full of people, what do you suppose happens? I’ll tell you… the vast majority of people do not raise their hands. The reality is that the very idea of networking makes a lot of people cringe. Why? Because the conventional style of networking feels fake, forced, phony and worst of all – ineffectual. So, why is that? It’s because the conventional model and style of meeting people ala networking is surface level. How do you get to know someone – I mean, really know someone – by giving them your card, working the room like a hungry shark and expecting people to want to do business with you on the spot? The truth is, none of those tactics are natural people connectors. The great news is that connecting is the answer, key and solution to creating and developing relationships of true meaning, and learning how best to serve them. And guess what? Service will always lead to sales.

Connectors have a service mindset. They go to events, selectively choosing where and when to show up in order to best serve the people they intend to support. They are focused on how they connect – they know their “Why”, their real purpose in working the room. And they definitely know what they offer and when to offer what they sell in service to others; not merely to hit the numbers or quotas. Quantitative thinking to connect will sink you every time. Qualitative thinking is key.

The real deal then is to learn “Why” and “How” to create connections of lasting meaning and mutual benefit, joy and purpose. This isn’t woo, it’s real. Networking is out. Connecting is in. Be very clear, it is the way forward.

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