Why Sake?

Are you intrigued by this traditional Japanese beverage that is having a resurgence in North America? Have you ever thought you wanted to get into the Sake business or extend your brand into this new market? This webinar looks at the growth of the North American Sake market and examines the steps you need to take to get a piece of this expanding market. Our speakers are the best and brightest in the industry who saw a vision to bring this centuries old beverage to the craft boom of North America. Co-Sponsored with the Sake Brewers Association of North America (SBANA) this webinar is the first step in creating a successful sake brewery. Moderated by Sachiko Miyagi from Tippsy.com our speakers include representatives in brewing, marketing and leadership.


  • Katrina Matthews, Director of Marketing, Wetlands Sake
  • Patrick Shearer, Head Brewer, Ben’s American Sake
  • Todd Bellomy, Farthest Star Sake in Massachusetts