Beyond Style: Make Your Package a Marketing Powerhouse

Great packaging is critical to the success of your beverage brand – and it’s about much more than aesthetics. Branding expert Cynthia Sterling will explain the role each packaging component plays in delivering your brand message and generating sales. From closure to back label, we’ll explore the marketing value vs. cost of each element. Drawing from her 25 years developing successful beverage brands she’ll cover:

  • Balancing aesthetics and marketing strategy – Looking cool isn’t enough. Make sure your packaging is doing its job – selling product!
  • Selecting the components – cork or screw cap? Custom glass, can or stock container? Understand the impact each packaging element has on consumer and trade perception and how to put together a powerful combo without breaking the bank.
  • Maximizing your packaging dollars – where to spend and where to save to get the most impact from your package investment.



Cynthia Sterling

Principal/Creative Director Sterling Creativeworks

Christiane Silberwasser

Distiller Pedro Mandinga

Shannon Pestoni

Partner Jelly Jar Wines