Expanding Your Market Share Through Diversification

Brands are taking a hard look at current products as the sales landscape is changing and effects on distribution and market share are being felt. With such influencers as trends toward a healthy lifestyle, the rise in Gen Z, sober-curious, and the aging of the Millennials, independent producers need to understand what they are offering and how diversification may be the key to being seen moving into the future. From hard seltzers to low- and non-alcoholic beverages to canned wine, delve into how diversification may be your ticket to expand SKUs, stand out and be seen for an increasing piece of the market.



Carole Lawson

Chief Data Officer/Partner Creekstone Creative CEO and Founder Craft Wine Association

Jeff Wuslich

President & Co-Founder Cardinal Spirits

Eric Van Drunen

Owner and Winemaker charlie and echo

Jarrett Mitchell

Founder & Inventor Cobra Verde