The New Business of Relationships and Prospecting

How are you connecting the dots of people + work these days? If you are like many in the world, it is a gigantic shift of everything: how you are approaching relationships, doing business and prospecting. Are you progressing as you want? Or are you still struggling?  Our world is permanently different, there is no “going back ” or anything resembling normalcy, so now is the time to look forward.  Human Connection is still at the core of what makes all your endeavors successful, fruitful and meaningful.  Take a deep dive into how to ‘network’ in the new decade, with the hyper digital focus upon us; what prospecting looks like right now to develop new business and how to stay best connected with your valuable connections.  Learn the whys and hows of human connection to arm yourself with useful, relevant, and purposeful information to keep you going and growing.



Ginger Johnson

Connector and Author