Understanding Shopper Behavior and Consumer Experience Insights

If you understand what your customers want, you can begin to build loyalty between each other to ensure that your beverage is their beverage of choice. This session will explore the evolving landscape of the craft beverage market and unique consumer behaviors. The panel will discuss the latest trends and developments in the craft beverage market, including popular product categories and consumer preferences, the motivations and decision-making process, and what drives them to make a purchase or visit a brewery, distillery or other craft beverage establishment.  Consumer insights that shape the development, marketing, and distribution strategies for brands will also be discussed. This session will provide the insight and inspiration to not only better understand your customers, but also make them more valuable.



Andrew Coplon

Founder Secret Hopper Founder Craft Beer Professionals

Michael Varda

Founder Craft Beer Advisory Services

Mary Guiver

Principal Global Category Merchant Whole Foods Market Inc.

James Restivo

Senior Vice President - BevAL NielsenIQ